A tribute to… The West Wing

I love The West Wing. Since I first saw it a few years ago it would be fair to say I’ve had more than a mild addiction to story of the Bartlet Administration. As someone who is greatly interested in US political history (so much so that I specialized in it for my Master’s degree) the show is a perfect blend of fascinating characters, living out a brilliantly scripted story, in an iconic setting – The White House. Just for fun, I present to the internet a three-part blogging tribute to Aaron Sorkin’s great creation.


In these tributes I will take an element of the West Wing story and attempt to fit it into the real American political landscape. Its more than slightly ambitious and will be open to huge amounts of alternative interpretations, but I’ll give it my best!

Naturally, there will be spoilers. If you haven’t seen the West Wing but want to then watch it first. Also, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!… I’m joking but seriously, do yourself a favour and see it!


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2 responses to “A tribute to… The West Wing”

  1. Invisible Mikey says :

    I loved West Wing also. However, I recently discovered a Danish series called Borgen. The characters don’t speak “Sorkinnese”, (they do that in The Newsroom too) but otherwise it’s an even better show about government!

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